Our advisory board

We are pleased to introduce the professionals we rely on. With their support, we’re striving to grow a successful and sustainable business.
 Luca Martines: <p>Global Brand Manager, <i>Castelli Cycling</i></p>
Luca Martines

Global Brand Manager, Castelli Cycling

Marco Di Pietro: <p>CEO and Founder at <i>IdeaPura SA</i></p>
Marco Di Pietro

CEO and Founder at IdeaPura SA

Federico Zanella: <p>Chief People Officer at <i>QSR Platform</i></p>
Federico Zanella

Chief People Officer at QSR Platform

Antonio Conti: <p>CEO at <i>SupermediaEvents</i></p>
Antonio Conti

CEO at SupermediaEvents

Federico Vitali: <p>Designer at <i>Eyepetizer</i></p>
Federico Vitali

Designer at Eyepetizer

Gabriele Tazzari: <p>Technology Strategist and External professor at <i>SKEMA Business School</i></p>
Gabriele Tazzari

Technology Strategist and External professor at SKEMA Business School