What we
stand for

We are hunters of genuine pleasure and meaningful beauty.
We love fashion that stays true to its definition: tangible self-expression, a reflection of society, a cultural abstract.
We think of design as a way to push progress, ignite conversations and create connections.
We fight mediocrity and the banal with an unstoppable curiosity.
We believe choice is the most desirable of goods.
We value humanity.
We cultivate difference.
We never stop looking.

Where we're

Nothing can replace the experience of choosing a pair of glasses in a high-end optical boutique. The pleasure of trying them on, feeling the quality of material and receiving hands-on expert advice.
Nothing but Mia Burton.

We bring our knowledge of optics and a warm, welcoming approach to the online shopping experience. We make it seamless, aspirational and reliable.

We use our experience, compassion and knowledge to guide customers through a wide selection of frames. We make them feel unique by offering a range of dedicated benefits: free shipping and returns, multichannel customer service and buy-now-pay-later plans. Newsletter subscribers are rewarded with exclusive offers and early product access.

We want to become the boutique of choice for those in-the-know. Mia Burton will cultivate a range of editorial projects and events to inspire the world of contemporary fashion.

moves us

Every great piece of design has a story to tell - Mia Burton is eager to reveal each and every one.

We are obsessed with quality and actively seek it in every aspect of our work: people, products, technology and tools, standards of service, processes and relationships.

We believe in doing our very best on a consistent basis, rather than setting unsustainable goals.