Behind our e-commerce platform there’s a fast-growing team of professionals with diverse interests and skills. We spread the love for exquisitely made eyewear and deliver superlative products all around the world, assisting our customers with unrivaled service.
Gabriele Lipari: Founder & Chairman
Gabriele Lipari
Founder & Chairman
Carlo Alberto Lipari: Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Carlo Alberto Lipari
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Alessandro Macauda: Chief Financial Officer
Alessandro Macauda
Chief Financial Officer
Daniela Vutera: Executive Creative Director
Daniela Vutera
Executive Creative Director
Laura Averna: Content Strategist
Laura Averna
Content Strategist
Giuseppe Di Giorgi: Head of Operations
Giuseppe Di Giorgi
Head of Operations
Emanuele Carrubba: Head of Inventory & Data Entry
Emanuele Carrubba
Head of Inventory & Data Entry
Gianluca Di Gesaro: Executive Technology Manager
Gianluca Di Gesaro
Executive Technology Manager
Paolo Felice Galizzi: Senior Back-End Developer
Paolo Felice Galizzi
Senior Back-End Developer
Francesco Consiglio: Front-End Developer
Francesco Consiglio
Front-End Developer
Giacomo Galassi: Head of Mia Burton Distribution & Buying
Giacomo Galassi
Head of Mia Burton Distribution & Buying
Claudia D'Acquisto: Customer Care Manager
Claudia D'Acquisto
Customer Care Manager
Gaetano Solazzo: UI/UX Designer
Gaetano Solazzo
UI/UX Designer
Alessandra Ferramosca: Business Executive Assistant
Alessandra Ferramosca
Business Executive Assistant
Vincenzo Pecoraro: Architect & Store Design Manager
Vincenzo Pecoraro
Architect & Store Design Manager
Ignazio Marsolo: Photographer & Content Creator
Ignazio Marsolo
Photographer & Content Creator
Isabella Abruzzo: Accounting & Administration Manager
Isabella Abruzzo
Accounting & Administration Manager
Alessio  Vasco: Warehouse Operations Specialist
Alessio Vasco
Warehouse Operations Specialist
Francesco Costantino: Photo Editor
Francesco Costantino
Photo Editor
Chiara Bertolino: Data Entry Specialist
Chiara Bertolino
Data Entry Specialist
Emanuela Sparacio: Senior Operations Specialist
Emanuela Sparacio
Senior Operations Specialist
Valentina Portera: Photo Editor
Valentina Portera
Photo Editor
Fangyin Shen: International Operations Assistant
Fangyin Shen
International Operations Assistant
Marzia Marchese: Operations Assistant
Marzia Marchese
Operations Assistant
Giorgia Rossi: Data Entry Specialist
Giorgia Rossi
Data Entry Specialist
Roberto Trapani: Junior Full Stack Developer
Roberto Trapani
Junior Full Stack Developer
Alessandro Mannino: Warehouse Operations Specialist
Alessandro Mannino
Warehouse Operations Specialist

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