Miaburton.com is now online
Mia Burton Team
Mia Burton Team Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Miaburton.com is now online

After months of planning and development, miaburton.com has opened its virtual doors to customers passionate about eyewear and fashion. From the very first version of its e-shop, the online brand aspires to make glasses shopping a moment of pure pleasure, through its unique combination of outstanding products, chosen from the best brands in the eyewear market, exemplary service, built on maximum customer satisfaction, and a virtual space where sunglasses, eyeglasses and their accessories, mix with editorial stories of modern life, style and cultural references. Delving further into this, the Mia Burton Magazine weaves current and relevant editorial pieces to create an inspiring online journey and offer users a deeply immersive shopping experience. At Mia Burton we strongly believe in this approach, one which draws on traditional retail yet expands on it: our favorite shops are always those which are enjoyable to spend time in, and we want Mia Burton to be this and so much more. On miaburton.com, Personal Shoppers are available to clients at no extra cost, and the editorial content offers continual inspiration and new ideas. 


At the time of launch, the e-shop’s catalog comprises 27 brands. The selection includes specialists in the optical world, such as Oliver Peoples, Mr. Leight, and Persol, and historical brands such as Lesca, without forgetting the big-name fashion houses such as Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, and Saint Laurent. The possibility to choose - one of the cornerstones of our manifesto - is already in place and will only grow this year: over the course of the following months we will launch exclusive limited-edition frames and the list of designers will get richer with new, prestigious labels. 


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