Full-Stack Developer

Palermo, Italy - Milan, Italy - Remote working

Mia Burton is looking for a Full-Stack Developer to join our tight-knit digital team and help us bring our fashion eyewear e-commerce platforms to the next level.

We can't wait to meet a versatile person, who will support our project managers by curiously and accurately supervising all technical details: SEO, UX, internal management system, tracking, and everything in between.

We expect them to be well trained, in order to switch nimbly between back-end and front-end development, but also very meticulous, so that our visionary projects are translated faithfully.


What we offer

A challenging career path in a fast-paced company that is growing rapidly, thanks to its unshakable ambition.

A young and stimulating work environment that values humanity and individuality.

A competitive salary, which remunerates autonomy, proactivity, flexibility, practicality, mediation and problem solving as hard skills.

Internal continuous learning initiatives and a dedicated budget for acquiring specialist and transversal knowledge.

Flexible mindset and working hours.

Ping pong and billiards tournaments, no-holds-barred.

Beer, soft drinks and snacks for improvised happy hours at the office.


What you'll be in charge of 


Like an expert gardener, you will help us grow, cultivate and manage our platforms at every stage of their life cycle. You will design and develop scalable web applications and Web Services and implement fully-responsive graphic templates starting from PSD files, prototypes, and wireframes.


Must-have experience and skills


  • 5-year experience as a Developer
  • Advanced knowledge of the most diffused back-end (Go, Node.js, Javascript) and front end (ES6, HTML5, CSS3) languages
  • Knowledge of the most diffused relational and non-relational databases (MySql, MongoDB)
  • Experience with the development of e-commerce platforms (open-source and not)
  • Great attention to quality of code, performances and security
  • Experience with Git versioning
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience in the development of complex applications
  • Knowledge of the most diffused design and architectural patterns
  • Knowledge of the most diffused Javascript frameworks (ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS)
  • Ability to quickly and autonomously learn new coding languages and technologies
  • Willingness and inclination to work in team to reach common goals, involving other developers, the design team, and other colleagues and stakeholders
  • Genuine passion and sense of accountability
  • Strong listening and problem-solving skills
  • Proactive, curious and enthusiastic attitude
  • Ability to manage priorities consistently with the shared strategy
  • Ability to execute and report tasks accurately and timely
  • Precision, punctuality and ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Ability to manage uncertainty, flexibly adapting to rapidly-changing scenarios
  • Exceptional communication skills, both in person and behind a screen
  • Willingness to share technical knowledge and useful information
  • Advanced Italian and English skills


What would win our heart


  • Experience with GCP or AWS
  • Experience in cross-functional teamwork, preferably in web agencies
  • Knowledge of User Interface Design and User Experience Design
  • Knowledge of the most technical SEO techniques
  • Interest in marketing topics
  • Knowledge of Agile/Scrum techniques


Type of contract


Permanent, full-time employment

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