Spontaneous Applications

Palermo, Italy - Milan, Italy - Remote working

Would you like to work for Mia Burton, but don’t see an open role that matches your skills and experience?

Send us your CV. 

We welcome spontaneous applications because we believe in empathy and serendipity. Sometimes you don’t know you need a person until you meet them. 

Whichever the role, we search for people who are:

  • passionate in their work 
  • proactive, curious and respectful
  • exceptional communicators (in person and behind a screen, with or without a keyboard)
  • dedicated team players who share useful information with colleagues
  • responsible
  • great listeners with a knack for problem-solving 
  • methodical and precise when it comes to understanding priorities and following deadlines
  • flexible and open-minded
  • highly knowledgeable in both Italian and English (and another language is even better).

Do you spot a match? 

About us, you should know that:

  • we are still a small-sized company, but with great ambitions - we are continuously raising the bar on everything
  • we aren’t afraid to change ideas or rethink decisions: every now and then we realize what we could do better as we go, or seize new opportunities on the fly
  • we are passionate about our work, and do so in a constructive environment
  • when hiring, we prioritize personal potential over degrees or seniority, and help new hires grow with us 
  • we offer opportunities for training, benefits and the possibility to work remotely, when appropriate. 

If you are truly interested in working with us, send a cover letter along with your application. 

Help us get to know you: we’re curious about your interests outside of work, what attracted you to Mia Burton, which role you would be interested in and what you search for in a company. 

Best of luck!

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